Human Potential

We facilitate workshops for the Corporate, Small Business and Tourism markets in Vancouver, Victoria and throughout BC. 

Focus Training provides clarity and perspective to your organization.  This is achieved through the use of effective communication skills that build quality teams that support and inspire exemplary leadership.  In an interactive and supportive environment, participants receive practical, first hand information that is developed into action plans for immediate implementation.


Empower your staff to provide exemplary service experiences with our Customer Experience Training.


Conflict is normal.  It is a part of our everyday life and can be a positive or negative experience.  Every conflict provides an opportunity for learning, growth and enhanced relationships. These challenges are addressed in Conflict Resolution Training. 


Focus Training has extensive experience working in the Tourism and Hospitality markets. This workshop focuses on Elevating the Guest Experience for visitors to your properties and communities. 

Show value, create an experience and always strive to exceed customer expectations
— Shep Hyken