Conflict is normal.  It is a part of our everyday life and can be a positive or negative experience.  When we are in conflict we often feel hurt, angry or frustrated because things don’t go the way we want them to go.  We often wish we could improve the situation and act differently. 

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and occurs because people care about what they are doing.  Workplace conflict can be productive or non-productive. It can help people and teams grow, or it can retard growth, waste huge amounts of time, and make workplace life difficult. 

Seek first to understand and then to be understood.
— Stephen Covey

Goals of Conflict Resolution

  • Reduce Anger and Defensiveness         Explore Underlying Needs                      Meet Both Parties Needs
  • Build Understanding and Respect          Maintain and Repair the Relationship      Encourage Reflection

The Outline for this program includes:

  • Components of conflict resolution
  • Determining your view of conflict
  • Discussing hot buttons and triggers
  • Improving communication skills to foster understanding and collaboration
  • Strategies for diffusing anger
  • Case studies analysis

Length: Half -Day or Full Day programs available. 

Please contact David to discuss how this program can be customized for your organization. 

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