Harbour Air Group

Service Excellence Workshops

Company wide training to 400 staff members across all bases and departments. Everyone working together to provide exemplary experiences to the travelling public.


Pacific Sands Resort

Enhancing the Guest Experience

Pacific Sands commitment to providing outstanding guest experiences was further enhanced with workshops provided to the housekeeping staff. Anticipating guests needs and focusing on the details were just some of the topics discussed.

Leadership Skills for Managers

An amazing group of thoughtful managers and leaders shared their ideas in a forum discussion. We examined the difference between managing and leading and the communication skills to listen, motivate and coach others to succeed in their role.


North Vancouver, Vancouver and Oakridge Physiotherapy and Sports Clinics

Elevating the Client Experience

Bringing together the amazing teams from three offices to create a patient journey map of explore and enhance the experience for their patients.


Langara College

Service Excellence

Excellence. Collegiality. Innovation. Integrity. A customized workshop focusing on the needs of today’s international student department.


ÖSSUR Canada

Customer Service Excellence

Össur Canada’s goal is to offer consistent, high-quality customer service. Through value-added services and educational programs, we build close and enduring relationships with our customers.



Elevating the Guest Experience

Manager’s retreat, bringing together the experience of seven GardenWorks stores to explore ways of enhancing the service they provide to all their guests!



Foundations of Service Quality

NEW SuperHost certificate program - Front line customer service workshop.  Recent workshops delivered to the YWCA, Downtown Vancouver Ambassadors, UBC Housing, Tourism Vancouver and Prince of Whales tours.


orderbot - Order Management

Customer Service Excellence

A customized training program to enhance existing skills and to boost confidence when handling challenging conversations.


British Columbia Doctors of Optometry

Strategic Planning Session

A two day facilitated strategic planning session.  Content included evaluation of current plan, SWOT analysis, generating strategic priorities, developing action plans and assigning roles and responsibilities.  


Olive Fertility Clinic

Elevating the Patient Experience

A fully customized training program to enhance the patient experience by incorporating specific customer service skills and communication techniques into the Patient Financial Adviser role.   


Equipco Limited

Customer Service Excellence

G.S. Equipco has been in business for over 30 years.  They represent the highest quality manufacturers in plumbing, heating and HVAC/R industries.  In order to remain one of the leaders in service to their customers Equipco conduted two half – day training sessions focusing on enhancing the customer service experience.  


School District 42 - Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows

Customer Service Excellence

A customer service workshop targeted towards clerical staff within the public education school district. The focus was on enhancing the experience for their customers -parents, teachers and students.  


Town of Ladysmith

Customer Service Experience

As part of the town's Global Training, the Town of Ladysmith, BC wanted to conduct a half day training session focused on bringing all departments together to explore ways of enhancing the experience they provide to their residents. 

Excellent choice! In our office this afternoon there have been three occasions where we have immediately benefited from David’s tips and tools!

City of Port Moody 

Customer Experience Training

In order to remain one of the leaders in service to the community, the City of Port Moody conducted half – day training sessions focusing on enhancing the customer service experience.   

This workshop fit perfectly into our strategic plan.....to provide exemplary customer service now and for the future

One key success of this training was the cross departmental training that allowed everyone to share, explore and create ways to serve the community they life in. 

ISM Canada - An IBM Company

The Service Experience

ISM British Columbia conducted service training for over 350 call centre employees involved with the Health Shared Services (HSSBC) and Shared Services (SSBC). 

Learning about my communication style through the DiSC method was incredibly useful for my work and my personal life!

Key areas of focus included understanding expectations, of each other on the job and those of their clients, communication styles and how to adapt your style to better serve the client and sharing insights on how to resolve challenging situations.    

Resident Doctors of BC

Board Meeting Facilitation

Our session focused on topics involving Governance and Communication.  Specific agenda items included, Roles and Responsibilities, Characteristics of a Highly Effective Board and Communication Skills for handling challenging conversations. 

Strategic Planning Session

Facilitated the 2013-2016 planning session with the Board of Directors.  Our sample agenda included exploring and expanding on the guiding principles, evaluation of the existing plan, committee initiatives, SWOT analysis and aligning new strategic priorities with the mission and vision and finally detailing a course of action.  

David was very engaging...he encouraged us to be involved and to have a voice at the meeting.

Team Building

This full day workshop was designed for the amazing office staff of the association.  We explored the qualities of high performing teams, we charted the year ahead in order  to prepare for the busier times and to determine ways in which each person can be supported.  

We looked at the various stakeholders and their expectations, needs and discussed ways to improve upon the approach and communication with each. 

SFU Book Stores

Customer Experience Training

Working in a busy retail environment, employees face many challenges in providing exemplary service to all customers. This workshop focused on the difference between service and experience, building rapport, understanding the differing needs of each customer group and cross-selling to build awareness and increase sales.     

Very informative and entertaining! I have been to a lot of customer service workshops and this is by far the #1 on the list.

Foundations of Customer Service

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Employment Program aims to help young people overcome barriers to employment. This workshop is designed to provide students with the confidence to work in any customer service field. The are learning the foundation of good customer service through such topics as establishing rapport, customer expectations and effective communication techniques and of course, how to deal with difficult customers.   

David is capable of understanding participant’s needs, interests and abilities...he uses various methods to engage the group and transfer knowledge to them

More Client Projects:

  • Vancouver Maritime Museum

    • Service Excellence for the Visitor Services Team

  • Protrans BC - Canada Line

    • Customer Service Training for Canada Line Attendants

  • United States Consulate

    • Cross - Cultural Communications

    • High Performance Management Teams

  • Harbour Cruises and Events

    • Service Training and Team Building

  • GT Hiring Solutions

    • Turning Points- 3 Day Employment Readiness workshop

Projects Facilitated for WorldHost Training - Destination BC

  • Harbour Air Group

    • Customer Service Training

  • Cadillac Fairview - Richmond Centre

    • Guest Services Training

  • Richmond Oval

    • Customer Service Training including Train the Trainer Sessions

  • City of North Vancouver

    • Conflict Resolution for Frontline Staff

  • Douglas College

    • Workshop the Training group - Retail Automotive Sales, Introduction to Trades, Cave Youth Employment

  • 55+ Games

    • Volunteer Training in Fundamentals of Service

  • Coast Hotels and Resorts

    • Collaborative project to deliver Service Training Modules to all staff and properties